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Conservatory Window Cleaning

Specialist UPVC Conservatory Cleaning

Squeaky Clean have a team of specialist conservatory cleaners who are on hand to give your conservatory a brand new look with a professional deep clean. 

As we all know conservatories over time become grubby and the UPVC plastics become discoloured, lead work can become tatty and windows can become dull which seriously reduces the attractiveness of one of the best places to spend time in the home.

Our conservatory cleaning team will not only get your conservatory back up to scratch but our deep clean and valet will replenish windows, plastics, seals, roof and lead work. 

Squeaky Clean have the option to clean just the outsides or can offer a full valet to bring your conservatory back to life cleaning inside and out.

What our conservatory cleaning team will do

  • Remove all dirt from the roof, windows and doors including removing algae stains

  • Clean and treat all glass using purified water to leave a sparkling streak-free finish

  • Clean out all guttering

  • Clean all UPVC and plastics including cleaning out of seals

  • Clean any and all woodwork

  • Clean all weatherseals

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