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Commercial Window Cleaning

Effective Commercial Window Cleaning Solutions

Here at Squeaky Clean we have a number of effective commercial window cleaning solutions to cater for many types of commercial premises including shop front windows, pubs, schools, office buildings up to 6 floors in height.

Our specialist team of commercial window cleaners utilise some of the best purified water window cleaning equipment available. As we use water-fed pole systems to clean commercial windows it means we do not need the use of ladders which makes the process much safer.

Our water-fed pole system uses purified water to clean dirt from the glass of the building and is completely streak free. Which means your commercial windows need cleaning less often which of course saves your business money.

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Makes any signage in windows displaying contact details, promotions or products easily readable.

  • Promotes a healthy working atmosphere.

  • Can provide a healthier working environment.

  • Takes the responsibility of window cleaning away from yourself or employees allowing them to focus solely on their work.

  • Promotes a good business image.

  • Helps with the maintenance of the property which is important in any lease.

  • Professional window cleaners have the skills and knowledge to clean windows especially top floor windows safely, taking the risk away from you and your employees.

Commercial Window Cleaning Undertaken

Commercial window cleaning up to 40ft

– Ground and up to 4th floor office windows inside and out

– Shop front windows inside and out

– Pubs, hotels, orangeries & conservatories on commercial premises

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